Windows Server 2019

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard ESD Download
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Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Datacenter ESD Download
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Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Essentials ESD Download
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Looking for a Windows Server 2019?

Based on Windows 10, Microsoft Windows Server 2019 has numerous new features and innovations. Compared to its predecessor, the 2016 version, the 2019 version comes with advantages such as system-wide monitoring of the network and hardware. The latest server solution also supports Windows Subsystem for Linux and Kubernetes and scores with shielded VMs and an expanded Windows Defender. The Storage Spaces Direct function makes it possible to combine the local hard drives of a 2016 cluster into a single, logical pool.

Where you can buy Windows Server 2019 cheaply on the Internet

If you want to buy Windows Server 2019 cheaply online, you can find several options in our webshop. We offer various editions of the server so that small and medium-sized as well as larger companies can benefit from the low prices of our shop. So you can choose the right edition according to your requirements and save money. You will receive the software safely and promptly after the successful ordering process, so that you can download and use it immediately after purchase.

Maximum security with Windows Server 2019

Constant updates and continuous improvements ensure the smooth and, above all, secure use of Windows Server 2019. Functions such as the authentication of users outside the AD system and increased performance through a remote desktop make the server operating system released by Microsoft at the end of 2018 a powerful server for your company. The support of the US technology group and thus the delivery of the server with security updates is expected to end in January 2029.