Windows 8

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Are you looking for a cheap version of Windows 8?

Then our online shop is the right place for you. We offer different versions of Windows 8 that are suitable for both private and business use. The special thing about Windows 8 is that it contains two user interfaces: on the one hand the “tile shape” specially optimized for touchscreens and on the other hand a classic desktop environment including a taskbar. As the successor to Windows 7, Microsoft released Windows 8 in 2012. Together with suitable operating systems for smartphones and tablet computers, the US company wanted to provide a uniform user interface for all devices.

Special features of Windows 8

For the first time, the Windows 8 operating system offers three instead of the known two types of application: in addition to the classic Windows applications in windows on the desktop, Windows 8 also features the preinstalled console applications. Last but not least, Windows 8 comes up with the newly introduced Windows apps, which make it possible to customize the user interface. Whether by keyboard and mouse or via touchscreen - Windows 8 can be operated particularly flexibly.

Different versions of Windows 8 available from us

Whether as a professional or enterprise version, with our affordable Windows 8 versions you get a versatile operating system from Microsoft at an affordable price. After purchase, we will send you a link via email that allows you to download the desired operating system safely and quickly. On the one hand, you save the whole in a specialty shop. On the other hand, the selected operating system is ready for use within a few hours.