Windows Server 2012

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What Microsoft Windows Server 2012 has to offer

Based on Windows 8, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 offers many functions that make your daily tasks in your work environment much easier. Based on the Windows Phone 8 interface, the 2012 Server Edition is already designed for the use of touch screens. Windows Server 2012 is equipped with ModernUI-Lite, also known under the name Aerolite, as standard. However, the classic ModernUI interface can still be installed afterwards.

Further advantages of Windows Server 2012

Compared to the previous version, Microsoft Windows 2012 has a lot of innovations and improved features. For example, the task manager has been completely revised, which manages the running programs and processes much more efficiently and clearly. Another advantage of the 2012 version is the categorization of running applications, such as metro applications or system processes. In order to improve the performance of the server, inactive applications are suspended, which in turn are marked as "suspended" in the task manager.

Where you can buy the Windows Server 2012 cheaply

We have specialized in offering both, new and older versions of Windows servers. So, you can decide for yourself which edition you need for your daily work. While the newer software versions always offer further improvements, somewhat older operating systems are sometimes sufficient. You can buy these online from us and download them immediately after the successful ordering process. In addition to Microsoft Windows Server 2012, we also have other versions in our online shop, so you are sure to find the right operating system with us.