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Microsoft Project - project planning made easy

Whenever smaller or larger projects are pending, working with Microsoft Project makes sense. It doesn't matter whether an individual is working on the project or a whole team. Project managers and team members work hand in hand, everyone can take care of the area assigned to them, while maintaining an overview. Whether with Microsoft Project in the Standard or in the Professional Version, with this user-friendly software you always have your project in view, which benefits efficiency and productivity. Since 1984, when the first version of Microsoft Project came out, the program has been continuously developed. Due to increasingly complex project planning, Microsoft Project can significantly simplify project management, make work easier and many times faster.

Microsoft Project - working with the program

With Microsoft Project you can do a single task from a work package as well as a summary of tasks and even a completely separate project. The three main areas of the software are schedule management, resource management, and project monitoring. With appointment management, Microsoft Project can plan start and end dates as well as deadlines, deadline or resource restrictions, holidays and buffer times. Special date calculations include the latest position, time reserves and postponements due to delays.

In resource management, Microsoft Project can, among other things, display the costs incurred for a project and the utilization. The resources are divided into the three areas of costs, labor and material. During project monitoring, a so-called target / actual comparison is made in the basic plan so that the project manager receives a comprehensive overview.

Microsoft Project - download inexpensive versions

Don't you care about the latest features? Are you still using an older operating system? Do you want to save money? Then Microsoft Project versions from 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019 could pique your interest. These are particularly cheap from us for immediate download. After ordering, you will receive a download link for 32 or 64 bit and of course a product key for a PC that you need to activate Microsoft Project.

What does Microsoft Project include?

Microsoft brought out the very first edition of the project planning software Project back in 1984. Since then, continuous further development has allowed users to undertake increasingly complex project planning in the area of ​​project management. While the standard edition contains a single-user version, the professional edition can also be linked to the project server. In addition, it is possible to integrate various third-party software solutions into Microsoft Project. This enables groupware solutions such as Exchange or SAP PS to interact with Project.
Microsoft Project offers a number of different tools for planning, administration and implementation in the area of ​​project management. These tools include portfolio management and document management as well as time recording and risk management. The software simplifies the entire planning of even large projects. The team members have access to precise resource management and a current target / actual comparison, as well as a communication tool, various visualization tools and interfaces to familiar Office programs such as Visio and Excel. This makes it particularly easy to integrate and display data and presentations in the project.